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Pyramids remain one of the planet's most inspiring structures; bringing together deeply spiritual meaning with incredible scientific and mathematical knowledge; they are also sources of great mystery and potential treasure.  In this way, and with their hierarchical structure they are also a metaphor for today's organisations.

The pyramid is also the basis of our human capital analysis and development model -  workforce planning drives the four human capital pillars of talent acquisition, talent management, change management and performance management. 

We focus on helping small business unlock the mysteries and rewards of human capital by providing tools, templates, training and support to enable small businesses to better manage their own:

 - workforce planning 

 - recruitment 

 - change management

 - performance management 

 - capability development and training 

We know small many businesses, even those who have HR support don't have the time or resources to develop policies, training courses or  the other resources they need to manage their workforce.  That's why we've done the hard work for you. Subscribe now to access a full library of customisable templates, tools and training courses, as well as access to the Pyramadis coaching network.   

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