A new world needs new capabilities 

Changing processes and systems is easy, changing people is not. ​


Organisations have to prepare staff to face change and their managers to lead change; and they need to develop the capability now to adapt and prosper in a changing future of work. 

Based on our REFRAME change model, our organisational adaptation training programs focus on more than simple operational change processes, building resilience and developing coping mechanisms; they focus on building the capability to embrace, perform and grow throughout the ever-changing work and career landscape employees will face in the future. 

We offer public and In-House training on the key capabilities needed to success in this new world of work::

Career Adaptability:

 - Understand the changing global business environment and drivers for change 

  -  Recognise career skills, goals, strengths and risks through self reflection 

  -  Build a growth mindset and focus on learning and curiosity towards the world of work 

  -  Establish a career plan focused on learning and building confidence in the future  

Self-Efficacy for Change:

 - Identify your own strengths and  points of resistance to change

 - Develop confidence to engage and ask questions 

 - Build the confidence of managers to lead change 

Digital and Technological Literacy:

 - Understand the changing global environment and drivers for technological change 

  - Identify your own strengths and  points of resistance  in adapting to technological change 

  - Develop the confidence to adapt to technological change 

Emotional Intelligence:

 - Learn the role of emotions in effective decision making, performance and leadership  

 - Understand your own ability to  recognise,  interpret and use  your own emotions 

 - Develop your ability to  recognise,  interpret and use  your own and others' emotions more effectively.

Network Building:

 - Trusting professional networks will be a key to success in the global project-based gig economy of the future  

 - Learn the value and importance of networks to employers, employees, business owners and customers 

 - Develop your ability to  grow and use networks more effectively.

Delivered as both public and customisable in-house options contact us to see how our training programs can prepare your organisation for the future of work.

Organisational Adaptation: Facing the Future of Work.

Delivered in-house or through our public program, this unique training program prepares participants for the new future of work, where Career Adaptability, Change Self-Efficacy, Digital Literacy and Emotional Intelligence will be the key capabilities for success. 


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Organisational Adaptation Master Classes

These two-day master class programs build on the knowledge and skills covered in the Organisational Adaptation program, providing participants with in-depth knowledge, high level capability and an adaptable mindset.

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Career Adaptability 

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