Change Management 

Organisational Adaptation

Some of the greatest change comes when new organisations, divisions or teams are established and begin growing. Tuckman's 1965 model of forming, storming and norming still holds true. Establishing the right core values, culture and performance expectations at the outset are vital in determining how organisations face the challenges of the future. 

We can help organisations develop the necessary policy, process and capability tools to build the necessary flexibility, agility and resilience from day one.

See how our REFRAME model cam support new organisations to build the culture of adaptability, resilience and change efficacy that will be vital for the futrure workforce..

Organisational Evolution

Never before have organisations had to continually adapt and evolve to their environment with the frequency and speed that they do now. Adaptability,.emotional  intelligence and change efficacy are vital, not just for your people, but for your organisation as a whole.

Continuous culture change and process redesign and organisational evolution are vital in the changing world all organisations will face into the future. 

Read how our REFRAME model can facilitate effective culture change and transformation in your organisation. 

Organisational Revolution 


There comes a point in every organisations lilfe-cycle where the incremental development and change brought about by organisational adaptation and evolution are no longer enough and significant organisational transformation is required, 

Organisational restructures and particularly  downsizing processes can be one of the most traumatic events employees can face in their career, and are very often traumatic for the organisation as whole, long after they are completed.  

Learn how our REFRAME model can support effective and sustainable organisational restructures and downsizing.

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