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Organized Files
Templates and Documents

Career Lifecycle Coach subscribers receive access​ to a library of simple, fully customisable, documents and templates to support effective workforce management and development.   We offer:

 - Policy and procedure documents and templates

 - Sample employment letters and documents

 - Recruitment templates (job ads, role descriptions)

 - Performance management and development templates

        and much more:

JobSearch Coach subscribers receive access to: 

 - Resume templates

 - Cover letter samples 


        and much more:


Tools and Resources 

Both Career Lifecycle Coach and JobSearch Coach subscribers can access a multitude of additional tools and resources including:

 - Example job interview questions

 - Training needs analysis templates 

 - Change readiness assessments 

 - Workforce supply and demand calculators

 - Performance and capability development frameworks 

 - Access to our library of HR whitepapers and ebooks    

 - Access to Industry research, information and forecasts

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Training Courses 

Small businesses are often stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to training and development - unable to afford to send staff to expensive corporate training, but without the resources to develop their own in-house training.


​When you join the Career Lifecycle Coach program, you gain access to a range of customisable training programs, including presentation slides and handbooks for both the presenter and participants. You just have to provide the presenter. 


Our courses cover a range of practical HR and leadership skills from recruitment and network building to performance management, conflict resolution and strategic planning.   

JobSearch Coach subscribers can also access these training materials to develop their skills in a highly competitive employment marketplace.

Advice and Networks

When you join the Career Lifecycle Coach or the JobSearch Coach program, you join the Pyramadis network. Your membership comes with access to general advice and support via email and the Pyramadis coaching networks on LinkedIn.

When you move to needing expert counsel, we are able to connect you to the right people through our network of trusted partners and associates.  

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