Contextualised Workforce Planning 

All too often workforce planning is an operational afterthought, an annual project undertaken by the HR branch to pull together a series of loosely connected talent management tactics. And all too often this isolated approach fails.

To be truly effective, workforce planning must be strategic and embedded in the Business Planning process. And it must start with an understanding not of the workforce, but of the strategic context in which the organisation operates. Our Contextualised Workforce Planning Model begins with an analysis of the four key contexts in which all organisations operate. By understanding the current and future Business, Economic, Technological and Demographic influences on their organisation and workforce , smart businesses are better placed to identify workforce risk and response. From there organisations can fully deliver  

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We offer customised in-house workforce planning and analytics training programs.


We also partner with leading international training and conference producers to deliver engaging and informative public presentations and training programs.

Check out the sample program, white paper and recent conference presentations below  

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