The REFRAME Change Model 

Change is not a process - it is a mindset. ​

Based on decades of experience, and founded in research, our REFRAME Change model and tools can be used to support whatever stage of change your organisation is facing, be it the organisational genesis of a startup, continuous adaptation and evolution of existing business, or the organisational revolution brought about by restructure:


 - Diagnose the reason, the goal and the benefits of the change

 -  Identify the change steps,  change owners and  networks, key messages  

 -  Understand the emotional impact that any change can have on employees

 -  Identify key points of resistance and disadvantage the change may cause 


 - Design and deliver the change vision, strategy  and  benefits

 - Outline the reason, the goal and the benefits of the change 

 - Identify the change steps,  owners and  networks , key messages  

 - Acknowledge the fear, resistance and the emotional change journey employees  will face

 - Establish change networks for collaborative dialogue and implementation


 - Frame the change journey at the strategic level

 - Provide details of  the change program, steps and specific activity

 - Preempt and respond to areas of concern and resistance  among employees

 - Establish  and explain success measures and indicators 


 - Deliver truthful information 

 - Build organisational capability, leadership capability and employee adaptability  

 - Support change owners to be visible and active promotes 

 - Establish change and business coaches to assist managers and employees



 - Deliver the necessary change processes

 - Reinforce, reward and promote positive behaviours and process change 

 - Discourage and respond to legacy behaviours and processes


 - Establish, measure and report project and change KPIs

 - Review and revise change processes as required


 - Commence organisational genesis for new structures and teams  

 - Prepare your people for organisational adaptation 

 - Never lose sight of the need for organisational evolution

Organisational change is never the end of the journey; it is always the start.