Organisational Genesis

Some of the greatest change comes when new organisations, divisions or teams are established and begin growing. Tuckman's 1965 model of forming, storming and norming still holds true. Establishing the right core values, culture and performance expectations at the outset are vital in determining how organisations face the challenges of the future. 

We can help organisations develop the necessary policy, process and capability tools to build the necessary flexibility, agility and resilience from day one.

Our REFRAME model can support new organisations to build the culture of adaptability, resilience and change efficacy that will be vital for the future workforce..


  - Identify the vision, purpose and strategy of the new team, business unit or organisation

  - Understand why and how the new unit was formed, the risks and challenges it will face 

  - Learn about the team and the individual values, vision and motivators of its members . 


 - Communicate the high-level vision, purpose and strategy 

 - Define the roles and performance expectations for the team and each individual 

 - Identify transformation steps, change owners and  networks , key messages  

 - Acknowledge the fear, resistance and the emotional change journey employees will face

 - Establish relationships and networks for collaborative dialogue and implementation


 - Frame the team building journey at the strategic level

 - Provide details of specific activity, roles and duties 

 - Preempt and respond to areas of concern , resistance and risk among employees

 - Establish  and explain team and individual performance measures and success indicators 


 - Develop necessary policy, procedures and  governance structures, processes and tools 

 - Build organisational adaptability, leadership capability and technical capability  

 - Support new leaders to be visible and active promoters of new structures, processes and roles 

 - Establish leadership and business coaches to assist managers and employees


 - Implement the necessary business structures and processes

 - Reinforce, reward and promote positive behaviours and process change 

 - Discourage and respond to legacy behaviours and processes


 - Establish, measure and report on new team  and and individual KPIs

 - Review and revise change processes as required


 - Prepare your people for organisational adaptation 

 - Never lose sight of the need for organisational evolution