Creating an HR Analytics Centre of Excellence

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

There is more to HR Analytics success than a couple of data scientists crunching numbers. What makes an HR Analytics Centre of Excellence?

1) It's a journey and it may take time. You have to build the maturity of your analytics team, and of your organisation. As you grow in analytics maturity, not only does your ability to provide better answers improve but so does your ability to ask the right questions - all across the organisation, From What is our separation rate? and Is our separation rate higher than average ? to What is driving separation among our engineers? How will this change our workforce over the next 5 years? Who needs to know this? What else do they need? What else do we need? Ultimately Your answers are only as good as your questions.

2) You need more than data scientists. You have to grow the capability of your analytics team to be researchers, relationship builders, presenters, interviewers, systems analysts and educators. The more mature your organisation becomes the greater the capability you need in your team.

3) Ultimately HR analytics is about people not numbers.Of all the capability listed above - relationship building is probably the most important. Strong relationships lead to better identification of data sources, easier communication of risks, issues and solutions and greater trust in the information, insights and conclusions presented.

4) Finally you need to match the system to your defined needs. A system will not solve your problems, the system is only as good as the people using it, the quality of data input and the quality of the questions being asked.

See the HR Centre of Excellence conference slides for more information.

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