You Can't Eat Miso With Chopsticks

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

If you want to eat Miso, use a spoon, If you need accurate, consistent and useful workforce insights (and who doesn’t) invest in the right systems. 

Had the pleasure of presenting at the 3rd HR Analytics, Metrics and Measurement Conference last week. Talking through some of the mistakes I have seen and made, as well as the lessons I have learned over the last two decades in HR, analytics and workforce planning, I introduced the delegates to a couple of analogies:

1)     You Can’t Eat Miso With Chopsticks:

Or if you can, you probably shouldn’t.  

And yet that’s exactly how many organisations are trying to manage their HR Analytics; using home-grown solutions, continually bolting on additional databases, adding coding, building macros and exporting files to other systems to keep pace with the growing\maturity of the analytics function and the increasing complexity of the information and insights demanded by the business.  

2)     The Linguine Principle: Just like the famed pasta, what seems like a simple series of straight lines in planning and preparation, invariably leaves your plate full of complex interconnected issues, problems and challenges that need to be unravelled. While it makes sense to plan for simplicity, you need to prepare for complexity.

All organisations, no matter how small, are a complex, interwoven collection of relationships, processes and information and these are often interdependent, and sometimes competitive and contradictory. Indeed, every individual is a complex, interwoven collection of desires, demands and goals, also both interdependent and contradictory. It is important to take the time to think through, prepare for, and untangle the complexity.