The Future of Change

Change is not a process - it is a mindset. ​

Most current change models approach change using process models, but change is not a process that occurs within a vacuum. Effective change requires an understanding of the lifecycle of organisations, the influence of culture, and the emotional stages individuals go through when they experience significant change. Underestimating the influence of these deep-seated underlying factors on the change process is one reason up to 70% of change programs fail. 

Based on decades of experience, and founded in research, our REFRAME Change model can be used to support whatever stage of change your organisation is facing:

Organisational Genesis: 

Some of the greatest change comes when new organisations, divisions or teams are established and begin growing. Tuckman's 1965 model of forming, storming and norming still holds true. Establishing the right core values, culture and performance expectations at the outset are vital in determining how organisations face the challenges of the future. 

We can help organisations develop the necessary policy, process and capability tools to build flexibility, agility and resilience from day one.

Organisational Adaptation:  

Changing processes and systems is easy, changing people is not. ​Organisations have to prepare staff to face change and their managers to lead change; and they need to develop the capability now to adapt and prosper in a changing future of work. 

Based on our REFRAME change model, our organisational adaptation training programs focus on more than simple operational change processes, building resilience and developing coping mechanisms; they focus on building the capability to embrace, perform and grow throughout the ever-changing work and career landscape employees will face in the future. 

Organisational Evolution : 

The global business environment is constantly evolving and organisations need to evolve with it; building the adaptability of employees may not be enough to keep pace with those changing demands. Organisational Evolution is the next stage in the ongoing change journey - refocusing structure, roles, processes and culture to evolve with the operating environment. 

Our REFRAME model cam support organisations to identify and implement those necessary new structures, roles, processes and culture to enable organisations evolve with their future environment.

Organisational Revolution:  

Often major transformations, restructures or downsizing are required because organisations and their staff have not  adapted and evolved  to meet the changing demands of  their operating environment.  We call this high impact transformational change 'organisational revolution' because it fundamentally changes  what it means to be part of the organisation. 

Our REFRAME model can support organisations planning or undertaking high impact transformation to build the processes, culture and communication needed to enable employees to confidently adapt and evolve with their future workplace.

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